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The long-awaited White Wolf has finally arrived! And you don’t have to wish upon a Djinn to get him in your bed.

He may not be a hero on paper, but he is certainly the hero of our hearts. Geralt possesses speed, strength and stamina like no other! This makes him extremely skilled in the streets and the sheets. Plus, Geralt is an excellent… swordsman.

This toy boasts a very respectable length in all sizes, with scarring details on both sides of the shaft. Three slash marks adorn the left side, and bite marks on the right. To spice things up, Geralt is wearing his medallion like a cock ring because country boys make do. Use the Hitachi adapter to feel the full experience of the medallion next to your Place of Power!

Our signature color for Geralt is Snow White with a touch of Merlot. This gives the toy a pale, pinkish tone with depth and shimmer. The result is not quite flesh-colored but not unlike Geralt’s skin tone either. The shimmer gives the toy a soft, magical countenance. The medallion will be poured in silver! 


All product dimensions are in the photo slideshow. Please look through all the photos for concerns about sizing.


****XL not compatible with CF Twist


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    Geralt Medium Customer

    Posted by Kate on Apr 13th 2023

    Everything about it is perfect! It’s beautiful! If you’re unsure about size, like I was, I must admit the medium is (currently) too big for me ?. So I got a small as well!